The Unbearable Smugness of Being…. A CyberTwat


On Thursday night I was abused by a CyberNat.  Actually, I’ll call him a Cyber Twat, because he went over and above the usual abusive CyberNat stuff.  Before I continue, let me draw the distinctions.  There are what I call Net Nats – those I’ve met online who are really sound  – we respect the fact that we’ll never agree -but are good to have a chat with anyway (waves at Natalie,  Doug, Exiled Fifer, Andy & Nicola).  Then there’s Cyber Nats, who twist things around and are  mildly nasty.  In another league, there’s Cyber Twats.

Cyber Twats are vile, insulting and anti-democratic.  They won’t allow a dissenting voice.  If you speak up about independence, or have the cheek to question aspects of it then you’re automatically anti-Scottish (even if you’re Scottish) or, memorably, a quisling.  I dared to crack a joke about the name of the new Scottish currency and received abuse from hyper-sensitive gNats.   I was accused of being a Tory – a massive insult when the first song I ever learned was The Red Flag, my great granny was instrumental in the occupation of George Square and my great aunty was pals with james Connolly.  Then, when the numpty worked out that I’m a Weejie, I got anti-Glasgow abuse instead “Central Belt subsidy junkie” were the words used.  Strangely enough, when I challened his views he never replied (I was dying to know if he regarded his fellow SNP supporters from the Central Belt as subsidy junkies, but no reply (shockerooni).   I was also informed that it’s “Aberdeen’s oil” which may come as a bit of a surprise to the Geological Survey…

This kind of abuse used to be rare.  Now, sadly, it’s all too commonplace.  In today’s Scotland you’re not allowed to crack a joke (or the John Knox Wing of the SNP will come after you).  If you come from an Irish background (like Michael Kelly) a Cyber Twat willl tell you to get back to Ireland.  If you dare to question the SNP you’re instantly labelled anti-Scottish (even if you are, in fact, Scottish).  If you doubt me, check out the crap @TomHarrisMP has to put up with.  These people don’t realise that some of the people they abuse and insult (like my friend Mark, who voted SNP in the last election) are completely turned off by their bullying tactics.  As for myself, I’m just sad.  Sad that the Cyber Twats think they can abuse and bully me into their way of thinking.  And sad that a post-independent Scotland will be full of the Though Police. Post-independence, what will happen to us dissenters?



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